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TreeDiaper® is an Advanced Hydration System that acts as a soil moisture stabilizer for young trees and plants. Unlike a standard watering bag that must be filled regularly, it can catch and retain rainwater before releasing it very slowly, allowing for low maintenance survival for young trees, even in inhospitable growing conditions. This product also provides protection from weed growth and extreme temperatures, and deters stormwater runoff pollution.

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Unlike watering bags, the patented TreeDiaper® Advanced Plant Hydration System provides multifunctional protections for plants. It catches rain and then super slowly releases it back to plants as needed. This product can keep young trees and other plants hydrated for weeks or even months at a time. It also offers protections against extreme weathers, reduces erosion and pollution, retains stormwater, and controls weeds. All these functions are combined into one low-cost package. It saves labor, water, herbicide costs, while saving plants from drought conditions. It offers a great tool for landscapers to achieve more with less cost, and provide the impressive ROI to property owners and managers.


Do you like gardening but have limited time? Has your investment in plants been lost due to drought or extreme temperatures? Is it difficult to water your plants on a regular basis because you are busy and travel a lot? Do you hate the hot and humid summer, overgrowing weeds and mosquitoes to maintain a beautiful garden? Take advantage of spring rain and bring a TreeDiaper® garden mat into your garden! Stretch your water supply! TreeDiaper® garden mat is a special version of TreeDiaper® brand designed for garden lovers. The TreeDiaper® garden mat product is the only landscape irrigation product to combine the functions of slow release irrigation, automatic recharging with natural precipitation, weed control, and protection against extreme weather conditions (winter and summer) into one low-cost package.


Having houseplants and flowers brings an indescribable liveliness and beauty to your home, both indoors and out. It's also an easy way of keeping us in touch with nature, even in the winter. Do you like to grow plants inside in containers? Do you have problems with water spilling onto the floor? Do you have difficulties with watering your plants on a regular basis because you are busy and travel a lot? Are you sure that your friends/neighbors will remember to water your plants when you go on vacation?

"Very encouraging results, and looks much better than those ugly green bags!"

- Luke McCall, Former Arborist in City of Richmond, Virginia