What is TreeDiaper®?

If you have ever had to organize care for your plants while traveling, or spent thousands on landscaping just to have part of it die due to under/over watering, then you know the exact frustrations that inspired us. If there was something that could water your indoor plants, hanging baskets, veggie garden, and your trees all by itself, wouldn't you go for it? Well, we've created it, TreeDiaper®!

TreeDiaper® is proudly made in the USA (Ashland, VA). TreeDiaper® is a patented, multi-functional plant protection system. It absorbs rain or irrigation water and slowly releases it back to the plant when the soil dries. It promotes healthy outward root growth that facilitates establishment of newly planted trees and shrubs & enhances the long term health. If you plants get too much water, it will absorb from the soil to prevent root rot. You mulch right over TreeDiaper®, so you don't even see it.

Our Story

Being parents of two, we hate to see disposable diapers go into waste and pile up in landfills. As polymer scientists and engineers, we know how precious the materials used in disposable diapers are. We started Zynnovation LLC to develop novel technologies and give a second life to disposable diapers. We have created and validated a multifunctional plant protection mat, trademarked as TreeDiaper® and SteadySpring®.

TreeDiaper® technology are patented in the United States (US Pat #: 9,565,809, 10,178,834 and 10,624,276) and Israel while pending in a number of other countries around the world.

Featured Product

GM3612- TreeDiaper<sup>®</sup> Garden Mat GM3612 Twin Pack

$37.39 (USD)

TreeDiaper® Garden Mat GM3612 Twin Pack


This TreeDiaper® garden mat is great for your garden! Simply soak the mat in water to get it started, then place it around your plants. The garden mat is designed to fit most garden beds for flowers, veggies, or herbs. It can be arranged to satisfy the watering needs and to fit the spacing of most plants: a single mat for double row, double mat for a single row, or a single mat for a single row.

Because TreeDiaper® is made from durable materials, it can be used for years! The water release rate varies depending on soil moisture, temperature, airflow, and humidity. In one test, the mat continued to release water for a full two months.

In The News

"I now have 75 young and growing trees and fruit bushes surrounded by TreeDiaper®. It is such a great way to maintain adequate water. I know better when I need to water the area, because the diapers get depleted. They really do fill themselves after rain however. A+++"

- Roger K, Happy Customer