Case Studies Detail

Richmond International Airport

The Richmond International Airport decided to give TreeDiaper® a try in 2016, and now they’re back for more!

If you’re like most people, going to the airport is a guaranteed source of stress. The bustling crowds, uncomfortable security checks, worries of missed flights, cramped seating, and swarms of rolling suitcases begging to be tripped over probably come to mind. Beautiful landscaping isn’t one of your first thoughts. With a whole airport to manage, who has the time – or the money – to spend on trees?

"We have over 40 TreeDiaper® in use in our rose garden and vegetable gardens. We use both 12 & 16 inch sizes. The results have been amazing! Our new & mature rose bushes have flourished. Providing constant and consistent hydration has made a huge difference in out Tomato, Pepper &Swiss Chard gardens. This technology works!"

- Dennis H, Happy Customer