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Trees Thriving During a Colorado Drought After TreeDiaper Was Installed

Case Study Update: Front Range Municipality, Colorado

Mr. Uriel Akiva’s TreeDiaper® have served his trees well over a year, so he provided us with an update. Mr. Akiva was the Parks Program Coordinator for Front Range Municipality in Denver Metro area.

Back in early July, 2017, it was found that over two dozen maples, catalpas, oaks and pears were showing severe drought stress symptoms even though the grass in the surrounding area, which was watered three times a week, was thriving. Within a month, it was clear that most of the trees were dying. A quick investigation uncovered that the moisture level at the root ball  (4" deep) of one of these trees was below 20%. Uriel even marked this tree with red paint, indicating that it was dead and needed to be removed.

TreeDiaper® is a life saver for plants suffering from drought.

Round, 36-inch TreeDiaper® treemats were installed the next day after being soaked overnight. The trees began to show new signs of life within a week, including the one marked with red paint. Aside from TreeDiaper®, the only irrigation was two routine watering runs of the grassy areas.

According to Akiva, "The soil moisture levels at 4” depth outside the TreeDiaper® ranges anywhere from 0-15%. Under the TreeDiaper®, the moisture level is now 50-70%."

Before TreeDiaper®
After TreeDiaper®

“Needless to say, your product is wonderful." - Uriel Akiva

Those trees continue to flourish! That same summer, three trees were planted with watering bags and eight were planted with TreeDiaper®. After initially filling the watering bags with water, the shortage of labor and equipment prevented them from being refilled regularly. and the trees soon died. Despite low precipitation, the trees with TreeDiaper® have survived to this day, and they look great!

TreeDiaper® takes care of your plants when you don’t have the time to. The following two photos are trees with and without TreeDiaper®. The results are clear; TreeDiaper® works in areas with low precipitation like Denver Metro area Colorado (less 20" per year)!

With Watering Bag
With TreeDiaper®

Save plants, save water, save labor, and save the planet!

"TreeDiaper® is awesome!! My new trees look great and it makes watering so easy and reliable! I highly recommend them!"

- Julie D, Happy Customer