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Keeping Cool in Peoria, AZ

Saving water and plants in Peoria!

In the arid landscape of Arizona, water and shade are at a premium.

Residents searching for an effective way to keep plants cool without wasting water tried out our products on their trees and outdoor planters. One area in particular was a problem- the side of a building was especially sunny and inhospitable. Many attempts to plant and grow just about anything in this area have proved unsuccessful; however, with the use of TreeDiaper® products for container plants, the plants survived! The article by CBS 5 says, “The goal is to conserve scarce desert resources while planting new trees to ease some of the worst urban heat island effects in the country.”

"Trees provide shade, and shade keeps areas cooler, but we also want to be able to do

that in a way that saves water," said Bob Hollander, environmental resources manager.

The products being tested on eight trees at the City Hall campus in Peoria, AZ are our

special version made from recycled diaper material.

"It absorbs the water, and then releases that water to the soil as the soil dries, rather than having to constantly apply irrigation water," said Hollander.

They also slow down the evaporation process after it rains. Hollander believes the tree diapers are incredibly cost-effective.

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"TreeDiaper® has saved my house plant and supports my newly planted trees with continuous moisture!!! Thanks for a fabulously innovative product!"

- Tamberly C, Happy Customer