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Fungi around TreeDiaper

Posted March 31, 2022 by Tree Diaper

We had a number people ask us the questions about whether TreeDiaper® would promote fungi. So we got our friend Mr. Lawrence D Alberty of Deep Roots Microbiome ( ), a specialist in this area to write a guest blog for us. Copied below:

We have seen some amazing surprises around our TreeDiaper® treemats in our orchards. Knowing that we are seeing positive results around our planted trees most people who see the orchards have questions about why we are so impressed with your product and this is what we have to tell them.

Ultimately mushrooms develop from decaying material in the soil such as wood or even grass clippings. They break down organic matter, helping to stimulate microbial activity and give back to the turf.

Fungi need a host and a suitable environment such as warm and humid temperatures. Mushrooms commonly appear after periods of excess moisture. This just means that your soil is active and healthy.

While there are millions of types of fungi, the ones living on your lawn are usually harmless. We need these beneficial fungi to break down things such as grass clippings and roots from dead trees. Fungi and the fruiting bodies of mushrooms are connecting the mycelium connections underground feeding our healthy plants at Deep Rooted Orchards. This is our secret to growing healthy fruits is those connections in the soil to the plant.

Thanks for such a great product and the connections we are making above ground and below.

"Very encouraging results, and looks much better than those ugly green bags!"

- Luke McCall, Former Arborist in City of Richmond, Virginia