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Features & Benefits of TreeDiaper & "TreeDiaper vs watering bags"

Posted February 22, 2024 by Amy McHugh


TreeDiaper is proudly made in USA (Ashland, VA). It is a patented, multi-functional plant protection system.  It absorbs rain/irrigation water and slowly releases it back to the plant when the soil becomes dry. Every time it rains, it'll collect water & "recharge," allowing you to go an extended period of time without needing to water.  TreeDiaper promotes healthy outward root growth that facilitates establishment of newly planted trees & shrubs and enhances the long term health.  If your trees get too much water, it will absorb from the soil to prevent root rot.  

When choosing size, you'll want to go double the rootball size so you're reaching the outer growing roots and as it continues to grow. We offer a variety of sizes so it can be utilized in gardens, container plants, shrubs and trees.  It's a four-season watering technology that can significantly reduce watering need during winter drought periods. 

  • Offers better warranty on installs (no more replacing dead trees)
  • YEAR AROUND WATERING (especially when irrigation systems are winterized)
  • 3-5+ years of usage: can be used on many projects
  • Prevents root rot
  • Mulch over TreeDiaper, not seen!
  • Offers weed control
  • Protects plants/shrubs/trees from road salt damage
  • SAVE LABOR, TIME, MONEY, GAS, WATER & TREES: reduce the need to send crew to water on regular basis

Directions for usage:

  1. Soak TreeDiaper treemat in water for an hour or more. It will fill up with water. *Alternative: install dry around tree & build a berm: soak with hose for 15 mins.
  2. Install DIRECTLY on top of soil. (NOT on top of mulch)
  3. Mulch over in DONUT shape (not volcano) to protect treemat from drying out quicker.

During hot summer months or extended drought, you will want to check on treemats, they might need to be re-hydrated.  

Questions:[email protected]  804-516-0687

FAQ: What's the difference between TreeDiaper® technology & watering bags?  -----Quick Answer: It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

[email protected]      Cell: 804-516-0687

  • Watering bag only covers base of tree, not the outer growing roots. TreeDiaper® treemats cover about double rootball size, so you're reaching the outer growing roots. TreeDiaper® treemats  will last about 3-5 year so it will continue to help provide water so it gets fully established. (It offers a great warranty on newly plants/trees! Please note the typical 1 year warranty has nothing to do with tree establishment, which requires 1 year per inch of caliper.)

  • Watering bag has standing watering on trunk of tree: which promotes unhealthy conditions for tree. TreeDiaper® treemats  sit on top of soil, so no standing water at trunk of tree = healthy growth.

  • Watering bags are seen, not very attractive. You mulch over TreeDiaper® treemats  & you don't even know they're there…Much better when you're going for a beautiful landscape!

  • Watering bags need to be refilled: which means you're having to pay a crew, pay for gas trucks to haul the water, pay for the water, etc. *MANY TIMES they're NOT being refilled, so they're actually acting as umbrella for the tree when it rains.  Watering bags also get clogged. TreeDiaper® treemats  catches rain/irrigation/snow and stores it inside and slowly releases when the soil dries. (it's saving water that would typically be runoff) SAVING WATER, LABOR, GAS & essentially the tree. We did an experiment on  in Richmond, VA: one side had watering bags, other had TreeDiaper® treemats ,  the ones with watering bags died, need to be replaced = more $. The ones with TreeDiaper® treemats  continued to grow and establish.

  • We did cost comparison in the Chesterfield County Arboretum and found watering bags actually cost them more vs TreeDiaper® treemats . (Due to labor, water cost, gas)

  • TreeDiaper® treemats offers protection against road salt. We have done several case studies on this. Cities that use road salt use WAY more than they need to, due to that we're seeing more dead plants. We have found that with a TreeDiaper® treemats  on, it actually helps save the plant.

  • TreeDiaper® treemats   will provide water & protection year around, especially when parts of the country have to winterize their irrigation. TreeDiaper® treemats will continue to catch rain & snow & slowly release to plant/tree.

  • TreeDiaper® treemats  offer weed control, watering bags do not.

  • TreeDiaper® treemats  helps with over watering issue (lets say we got tons of rain one month or someone is over watering): the plant/tree might suffer from TOO much water. TreeDiaper® treemats will absorb the rain/irrigation from below and store it. We talk to arborist in California and they say many trees die from OVER WATERING/ROOT ROT. TreeDiaper® treemats  will help prevent this by absorbing the excess water up.

TreeDiaper® products are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. (Ashland, Virginia)       Woman Owned, Minority Owned Small Business

Zynnovations LLC, 9424 Atlee Commerce Blvd, Suite E Ashland, VA 23005

[email protected] Cell: 804-516-0687

"TreeDiaper® has saved my house plant and supports my newly planted trees with continuous moisture!!! Thanks for a fabulously innovative product!"

- Tamberly C, Happy Customer