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Differences between TreeDiaper and watering bag

Posted March 28, 2023 by Dr. Wei Z

Recently we discovered a lot of people think TreeDiaper is just another watering bag. Some of the watering bag sales guys intentionally or unintentionally tell people that these two technologies are the same. Below is a comparison of these two technologies.

You can download it here:

Below is a graphical comparison with donut-shaped watering bags, which are worse than the vertical version because it behaves like a larger umbrella than the vertical ones.

"We have over 40 TreeDiaper® in use in our rose garden and vegetable gardens. We use both 12 & 16 inch sizes. The results have been amazing! Our new & mature rose bushes have flourished. Providing constant and consistent hydration has made a huge difference in out Tomato, Pepper &Swiss Chard gardens. This technology works!"

- Dennis H, Happy Customer